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The deadline for  submissions for the Spring 2019 issue is March 31, 2019.


The BAygeo Journal Guiding Principles

  1. To highlight innovative Bay Area-centric geospatial projects and practitioners

  2. To serve the professional geospatial community of the greater San Francisco Bay Area

  3. To provide timely, informative and relevant content of a moderately-technical nature

  4. To engage and entertain the readership with lively, well-written and well-edited content

Article Submission Guidelines

  1. Articles must be authored by a Bay Area resident, or feature a Bay Area person, entity, project, or experience.

  2. Technical articles should present a creative or innovative use of geospatial data or technology.

  3. Articles that present a business problem must clearly identify the role and value derived from geospatial data/technology.

  4. Articles should be between 500 to 2,000 words.

  5. While unsolicited articles are welcome, we encourage the submittal of an abstract of the article for editorial review before submitting a final draft.

  6. Greyscale or color graphics are acceptable. All graphics files must be submitted as either .jpg or .png with RGB color. For full-frame images, the width should be 1500px, and the height will be adjusted to preserve aspect ratio. Please keep files under 20 MB.

  7. Neither project award announcements, nor new product announcements will be accepted.

  8. Jobs/promotional announcements will not be accepted.

  9. If you want your article to be peer reviewed please submit the names, job titles, phone numbers, and email addresses for at least two potential reviewers with a brief description of the subject matter expertise required.

Map Gallery Submission Guidelines

  1. Maps must be authored by a Bay Area resident, or feature a Bay Area location or project.

  2. Greyscale or color graphics are acceptable. File color must be RGB.

  3. Files may be submitted as .pdf, .jpg or .png.

  4. File size must be under 20 MB.

  5. Submit a stand-alone url for interactive maps (with no other content on the page).

Suggested Journal or Map Story Topics

  • Technical innovation (web mapping advancements, mapping with drones, dealing with big data, remote sensing innovations, etc.)

  • Emerging disciplines/non-traditional uses of GIS (location-based apps, GIS in retail, commercial navigation, map storytelling, etc.)

  • Public sector GIS (natural resource management, government, utilities, navigation, etc.)

  • Open-source data and services to share (free databases, REST services, free software, etc.)

  • Programming and developer GIS (uses of python for GIS, innovative server administration, etc.)

  • Education (any age/education/experience level, local participation in online courses, etc.)

  • Human interest (fun with maps, historical maps, lying with maps, maps in the arts, etc.)

  • Student guest authors (personal experience, conducting interviews, research, etc.)

  • Job board success stories

Advertising Guidelines for sponsors

  1. A single advertisement consists of a static image (.jpg or .png, max file size 20 MB), created by the sponsor, displayed in one issue of the BayGeo Journal.

  2. The image provided by the sponsor will be placed once on each journal article page.

  3. The cost is $500 for a single advertisement, or $1,500 for an advertisement and a sponsored story.

baygeo Sponsors

  • AECOM, AMS Consulting, Arini Geographics, CycloMedia, EagleView Pictometry, Ellis Geospatial, ESRI, Farallon Geographics, Inc., Geodesy, Geografika Consulting, GeoSyntec Consultants, GeoWing Mapping, Haley & Aldrich, i-TEN Associates, Inc., Lohnes & Wright, Michael Baker Jr. Inc., Open Spatial, Photo Science, Inc., PSOMAS, RBF, San Francisco International Airport, Towill, Inc.

  • Education/Research Institutions: Diablo Valley College, GIS Education Center @ City College of San Francisco, San Francisco State University, Stanford University, UC Berkeley

  • Government: AC Transit, Caltrans, City and County of San Francisco GIS, City of Fremont, City of Livermore, City of Pleasanton, City of San Jose, City of Stockton, City of Walnut Creek, County of Alameda Public Works Agency, County of Marin Community Development Department, County of Santa Clara, San Francisco Department of City Planning, San Francisco Department of Public Health, San Francisco Department of Public Works, San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency, Vallejo Sanitation & Flood Control

  • Non-profit Organizations: GreenInfo Network, San Francisco Estuary Institute

  • Utilities: California Water Service Co., Central Contra Costa Sanitary District, Marin Municipal Water District, Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Jose Water Company, Santa Clara Valley Water District

baygeo board members and staff

Jeff Munowitch – President

Annijke Wade – Vice President

Natalia Margolis – Secretary

David Catalinotto – Treasurer

David Bianco

Mōno Simeone

Mike Skowronek

Nancy Ferris - Journal Editor

Rick Koss - Education Director


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