Letter From the Editor

Nancy Ferris

My own copy of a Magic Kingdom map circa 2010

Hello BayGeo readers! 

BayGeo offers so many great resources for geospatial professionals and map enthusiasts. My favorite, of course, is this journal, but I also love meeting fellow members in person. In this issue we get to meet BayGeo Board Member Dennis Karaim, who wrote about how he got involved in BayGeo, and the path that led him to a career in GIS mapping wastewater treatment utilities. Prentiss Darden takes the wastewater treatment discussion even further in her story, and includes some lovely graphics of the water and wastewater conveyance system in the Bay Area.  

Chris Wang explains how the Federal Energy and Regulatory Commission uses GIS to protect us from catastrophic flooding downstream from dams. I especially like his description of the challenges of moving from paper maps to digital analysis.  

The maps of Legoland and Fairyland in the Spring 2016 BayGeo Journal inspired Barbara Kerby to write a fun story in this issue about amusement park maps. Barbara shows us how today's ubiquitous cartoonish park maps were inspired by the earliest Disneyland promotional maps. 

In case you didn't get your fill of political maps on election night, head over to the Map Gallery to see the cartoon map that Alameda city councilwoman Marilyn Ashcraft used on one of her campaign mailers. You'll also find a Cliff Lede vineyard map showing the varieties of grapes they grow. Each one is named after a rock 'n' roll song, and includes a supplemental page giving credit to each of the song titles and artists. My favorite Cliff Lede wine comes from a blend of the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes from the Ziggy Stardust and Stairway to Heaven blocks. 

A bottle of Cliff Lede's Stardust Heaven

The Map Gallery also features the work from two GIS students. Claudia Herbert used GIS to optimize the location of stream restoration sites in Oakland, and Sarah Palmer mapped the former cemeteries in San Francisco. I love the skull font she used for the title. Scroll down the Map Gallery to see interactive maps of the fate of evicted tenants in San Francisco. You can also see some of the City and County of San Francisco's GIS work with their searchable map of active building permits.

When the Presidio closed the Army bequeathed a treasure trove of maps and images to the National Park Service Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Read and watch a video about the Park Archives and Records Center in the Journal's first ever embedded video story! Harry Potter fans will get a kick out of reading about the CityXcape App. It is like a real-life Marauder's Map that Harry and his friends used to sneak around Hogwarts, plus it's an app that will help you connect with people (rather than hide from them). 

Want to share a map or story in a future issue of the BayGeo Journal?  Contact me at journal@baygeo.org.


Fall 2016 Volume 9 Issue 2

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