Letter From the Editor

Nancy Ferris

Welcome to the Fall 2018 edition of the BayGeo Journal!

This was my second year judging “My California GIS Mapping Showcase and Competition” and the entries just keep getting better. California kids in fourth through twelfth grade created some amazing online story maps. Head over to the Map Gallery in this issue to see some of the winners. In particular, Justice Gardner’s map about social justice and equity in Oakland schools blew my mind. Compare pages 12 and 15 of his map for one of the best uses of narrated photos I’ve ever seen in a map story, and this budding geographer is only in high school!

If you’re looking to expand your geospatial and data skills with a workshop, or maybe teach a class, the GIS Education Center in San Francisco offers plenty of opportunities. Read the story from BayGeo’s Education Director, Rick Kos, here. BayGeo members even get a discount!

Speaking of GIS education, recent grad Aseem Mogre wrote about his semester-long project in Rick Kos’s class at San Jose State University. The students helped the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority redesign bus routes in Silicon Valley. It was pure chance that Rick and Aseem both ended up writing stories for this issue, but I’m very happy with the coincidence!

Tony Hale and Shelly Moore teamed up to share their experience using geospatial tools to improve our state’s water quality. They’re in the process of comparing aerial drone images to ground surveys for quantifying trash entering Bay Area water bodies. It’s more complicated than you might think... and their results will be used by staff at every level of government in California.

Have you noticed the new membership ads we added this year? Many thanks to my marketing-executive husband for making them. This one is my favorite.

Have you noticed the new membership ads we added this year? Many thanks to my marketing-executive husband for making them. This one is my favorite.

While we’re on the topic of cleaning things up, San Francisco has a wealth of location data from 311 reports about trash, feces, and other non-emergency things that need fixing. It turns out residents were also using the 311 system to complain about the new scooters that have popped up around the city. The Lower Polk Community Business District figured out how to share this scooter data with the scooter-share companies in their new app Bonayo. Read about it here.

Amnesty International teamed up with Mapbox and SITU Research to make a powerful story map documenting human rights abuses in Myanmar. This is an excellent example of the important work geospatial professionals can do to provide evidence of crimes happening in our world today. Read about the technical aspects of making and sharing their map here.

Special thanks to Michael Estigoy from SkyIMD for the lovely imagery for the “Where in the Bay Area” contest. Can you figure out where he took the image for the latest mystery spot

Don’t leave without reading Annijke Wade’s letter from the Vice President. She’s been covering many of the president’s duties while Jeff attends to his new little bundle of joy. Congratulations, Jeff, and kudos to Annijke and everyone on the BayGeo Board for keeping things running smoothly.  

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Fall 2018 Volume 11 Issue 2

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