Where in the Bay Area ?

Many thanks to all of the people who correctly identified Muir Beach in the Fall 2017 contest. Several of you mentioned that the imagery shows Muir Beach after the extensive Redwood Creek stream restoration and parking realignment project was completed. At least one entrant even worked on the project! The winning entry came from Chris Zumwalt, a GIS Analyst at WRA who has done his fair share of environmental restoration work around the Bay Area. Chris works on a variety of projects from SF Bay marsh restoration to vegetation mapping to sensitive plant and wildlife habitat modeling. In his off time, he enjoys fishing, cooking, and exploring North Bay places.

On to the next secret spot...  

This romantic little island getaway is only accessible by boat. Fortunately, the cost of your visit includes a ride to and from the mainland. 

To enter, send the name and location of the feature in this image to journal@baygeo.org. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all correct entries received by September 30, 2018. The winner will be featured in the Fall 2018 issue and receive a surprise mystery map in the mail.

Photo credit:  Google Earth.


Spring 2018 Volume 11 Issue 1

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