Where in the Bay Area ?

Congratulations to Dara O'Beirne for correctly identifying Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, CA in the last issue of the BAAMA Journal. Dara is now the proud winner of two super snazzy USGS bathymetry post cards. Check out Dara's fascinating article "19th Century Cartography in the Bay Area:  Where History, Art and Data Meet" about historical maps of the San Francisco Bay Area in this issue of the BayGeo Journal. You will love the graphics he included.    

Now for the new contest:

This place looks like a wreck, but it has been featured in National Geographic, NPR, Newsweek, and the Boston Globe. Care to hazard a guess where it is? 

Identify the name and location of the feature in this image and send your answer to journal@baygeo.org. One lucky winner will be randomly selected from all correct entries received by March 31, 2016. The winner will be announced in the Spring 2016 issue.


Fall 2015 Volume 8 Issue 2