Where in the Bay Area ?

Congratulations to Jon Cereghino for correctly identifying Morcom Rose Garden in Oakland, CA in the Fall 2015 issue of the BayGeo Journal. Jon is a self-professed washed up systems guy who is trying to make an ethical living as a telephone operator. He aspires to treat everyone respectfully regardless of their datum or coordinate system.   

Spring 2016 Contest:

This area is named after a fascinating politician who went undercover as an inmate in Folsom Prison to investigate prison reform, worked as a substitute teacher after the Watts riots to document conditions in the area, and was later tragically assassinated while serving in office. 

Identify the name and location of the feature in this image and send your answer to journal@baygeo.org by September 15, 2016. The winning entry will be randomly selected from all correct answers received by September 15, 2016. The winner will be featured in the Fall 2016 issue and will receive a fabulous BayGeo t-shirt.

The location for the Fall 2016 contest was submitted by reader Mike Skowronek. 


Spring 2016 Volume 9 Issue 1